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​Wash and Fold Pricing

  • FREE Pick-Up & Delivery

  • 24 hour turn around

  • $35 minimum order charge

Simply schedule your laundry pick-up on your neighborhood's designated route day and WeWash will gladly take all your laundry right off your to-do list! Your laundry will be returned 24 hours later - fresh, clean, folded or hung - whatever you prefer! You Wear. WeWash. Repeat.


  • There is a $35 minimum charge.
  • Comforters, quilts & large blankets are charged per item, not per pound. See below for pricing.
  • Detergents are included with your service at no additional cost. Luxury detergent scents are available for an upcharge: Orders 50 lbs or less is $5, more than 51 lbs is $10. 
  • To provide all our client's a great WeWash laundering experience, we have found washing items with excessive pet hair and/or soiling has added labor and resources to our process therefore there will be an additional .45 charge per lb.
  • If you are interested in laundering only - no folding, this service is available for $1.50 per pound. 

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Are there additional costs for large items?

Yes, in some cases there are larger items that are charged on a per item basis.

Primarily, these items include:

  • Comforter: Twin $30
  • Comforter: Full/Queen/King $35
  • Quilt Bedding: Twin $22
  • Quilt Bedding: Full/Queen/King $27       
  • Mattress Pad: Twin $27
  • Mattress Pad: Full/Queen/King $32
  • Duvet Cover/Blankets: $17
  • Bath mat 21″ x 34": $5
  • Sheets or Tablecloths (wash & tumble dry): $2.15 Per lb



You Wear. WeWash. Repeat.