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Dry Cleaning Laundry Service in the Des Moines Metro Area

Dry Cleaning Services:

  • FREE dry cleaning pick-up and delivery

  • $35 minimum order (may include wash and fold)

  • 3-day turn around

We are proud to have partnered with a locally-owned dry cleaning company to offer dry cleaning pick-up and delivery.  

We dry clean your garments to keep them clean and protect the fabric. The dry cleaning process does not use water. Instead, it uses a liquid cleaning solvent that helps remove stains without damaging the garment being cleaned.

Not all stains can be removed by dry cleaning. Some need to be treated with special spotting solvents. Let our specialists know if any of your garments have stains that need special attention.

In addition to dry cleaning, we offer dress shirt laundry services where we launder and press your shirts. Your colored shirts will retain their vibrant colors and your white shirts will remain bright white. Your shirts are returned on metal hangers and ready to wear. If you’d like to use your own hangers, please send them along with your dry cleaning.